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Company MEK

Muhammed Kaltuk founded the Company MEK in 2017 to give his art and creativity a strong framework. The Company develops productions between Hip Hop and Contemporary dance, 

cultural and dance traditions.

The Company is determined to create diversity and has activistic as well as artistic voice. Their movement language is strong and powerful and is different from all other ensemble in Switzerland. Company MEK stands on its own.


In his latest creation with Company MEK, Father Politics, deals with the powerlessness that politics can make people who are not part of the system or are marginalized feel. It was created in coproduction with Kaserne Basel and COLOURS International Dance Festival Stuttgart and is currently on a national and International Tour.

The great interest in Company MEK confirms that it is working at the puls of time and of the future. Company MEK shows in which direction contemporary dance should be going. Creating openness, diversity, entertainment but also artistry. Supporting the Company and its work is an invenstment in the future of the field.

Company MEK has a artistic voice, it is unique with a clear message and reach.

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